Annual 114th Juried Show

March 22 - April 12, 2015 at The John Slade Ely House

Judge of selection and awards: Will Lustenader, artist and educator


The Weiss Sisters Prize William Meddick "Get the part started"

The New Haven Paint and Clay Club Prize   Joseph Saccio "Apollonian, Almost"

The New Haven Paint and Clay Club Active Member Prize  Eileen Eder "Winter's Day"

The Weiss Sisters Prize for Print  Micahel H. Zach "New York Series No 86"

The Weiss Sister Prize  Steve Singapore "And then there was life"

The Sidney and Arthur Eder Foundation Prize Lisa Smith Arnold "1964"

The Community Foundation Prize  Frank Brickmann "Paint Rack"

The Whitney Center Prize Ashby Carlisle "Pillars of Wisdom"

The Lucille Davis Grimm Prize   Candice Flewharty "Sexy-Emoji"

The Roger Van Damme Prize   John Favret "Transfer station"

The Elizabeth L. Greeley Prize for Watercolor  June Webster "The Grandstand"

The Carle J. Blenner Prize  Jason Noushin "Oliver twist"

The Joshua Point Studio Prize for a Collage Rashmi "Reflections on the hood of a luxury car"

Framed Gallery of Hamden Gift Certificate  Dean Fisher "Portrait of JSR"

The Artist & Craftsman Supply Gift Certificate  Diane Chandler "Khmer Visage"

The Artist & Craftsman Supply Gift Certificate  Bruce Laird "One for all"

The Adele K. Paier Prize  Carl W. Lawson "White pickup"

Hull's Art Supply & Framing Gift Certificate  Jeanne Civarolo "Contemplation"

Hull's Art Supply & Framing Gift Certificate Terry Russo "King"

Purchased for Permanent Collection Dan Sharkey "Los tres Amigos" , George Manning "Fish House, Monhegan" and Wendy Pieper "Have we met?"





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